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Unparalleled Craftsmanship by Panhandle Red Company Idaho USA

At this Idaho shopping destination, quality customization, and American cowboy values come together in a standout leather and silver jewelry shop.

The allure of artfully crafted handbags and jewelry is on full display at the Panhandle Red Silo Shop and Farm Venue in Post Falls, Idaho. 100% of the manufacturing is done on site just across the driveway from the Silo Shop. Folks are attracted to multiple things. Maybe it's the prospect of having your very own ranch brand laser-engraved or stamped on your personal bag. Maybe its options like adding the texture of hair on hide to any piece. All in all, they love being a part of the process.

We're all under one roof and that's the beauty. Once you come into the store, you smell the aromas of all the beautiful leather goods. Occasionally we give tours of our workshop to let folks hear the sewing machine, the sound of hammering, or see the fiery torch at the silversmith bench that is creating that turquoise masterpiece. We have seen an uptick in sales, many are trading in their mass produced purses for one of kind American Made Leather Purses. Each customer gets to be a part of the design from beginning to end. Men love the duffle bags, wallets, belts, and holsters. From October 2023 into 2024, we have had record sales with custom one of kind holsters. Many are finding our one of kind custom fitted holsters are a great functional addition for safe carrying. 

Much like a handbag comes together bit by bit, so did the Panhandle Red Silo Shop and Farm. Justin and Krista Moody did not set out in life to own a Leather and Jewelry Store, each had their own careers. The story behind the business and brand has been a process of discovery. Even though we have an "Our Story" page on our website, it doesn't fully showcase the real deal. Beyond the visual appeal of our products we believe they are highly functional. Each time we make something we realize its going to go home with someone very special.