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Our Story


  Panhandle Red Company is located in Post Falls, Idaho. USA.   
 We specialize in Custom Jewelry and Leather Goods. We want to build jewelry that gives our customers a designer look and something they will have fun with. Jewelry caught us by surprise. Justin, a talented Builder at the time, and Krista, ("Red") had formerly had many professions, such as Business Owner, Teacher, Law Enforcement, and Hunting and Wildlife Teacher to name a few. "Making jewelry was not on the radar. You never know where you can go until you are open to it. This is where you will discover what you love."
My interest for old vintage, turquoise jewelry, hand tooled bridles, western furniture, retired cowboy gear, really started from day one. When I was 18 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be a fashion designer or go into interior design. Around 20 years of age, I began collecting western magazines and would glance at pictures and say "I can do that. I want to do that."
Our company is about more than just jewelry and leather. We started Panhandle Red in 2008 during one of our renovation projects, where we constructed a retail store out of horse stalls in an old 50's barn where they held Cowboy Supper Shows. This is really where we were able to test our creativity. We loved the idea of making a difference, and working together as a team; Justin in construction and myself on the design side of the project. While this was going on, I was cleaning and shaping cowboy hats for the performers and realized they needed custom jewelry and pistols, ha! One of the performers was a music teacher I had taught with and we became friends. She loved my ideas and trusted me to put the finishing touches on her outfits. The foundation of Panhandle Red was taking shape and in that store we built custom necklaces and earrings as they were ordered, right in front of the customer. We packed the house every night.
For those of you that don't know, I have red hair and my dad and friends growing up all called me "Red." I now live in the Panhandle of Idaho, so naturally Panhandle Red seemed appropriate for the business.  The inspiration for the arrow around the loop on the "P" came from my former archery days.  I originally thought how could I bring my passion for the outdoors and jewelry together? What was the purpose? The main purpose was as a former athlete and educator, I was watching young girls lose their femininity while pursuing sports, and I thought "who said you needed to lose your mascara or classy clothes while playing outside." In 2005 I spent some time with Jenny Fitch, former collegiate All-American and medal winning Olympian and other famous athletes.  One thing we shared was the integrity of keeping our faith and our nice clothes. We still need women role models who know you don't get your strength from looking masculine but who you are on the inside. All of these thoughts were streamlined into the Panhandle Red Brand and its foundation. In 2012 I met Reba McEntire, Country Music Legend, and all who know me, knew that was a dream come true, but not only do I love her as an Artist, but she stands for strength and class as well. Most are drawn to that. Lastly, my mother was a huge influence to my dreams and vision of building something from scratch with integrity and strength. She demonstrated both class and strength to me daily. She was the one who taught me to sew, and my Grandma Dora was a hand-sewing machine. She made well over a hundred quilts and blankets, I wished we would have numbered them.
I met Justin in 2007 and learned he came from a Rodeo Family. He was steer wrestling on weekends and always shared his love of the history of rodeo. His grand parents collected and sold western treasures for nearly 60 years. His father, grand father, uncles, and great uncles all rode bareback and saddle bronc. His grandmother had collected turquoise and loved southwest jewelry. Justin is inspired by the spirit and history of the old west. From the tools of the trades, the artwork put into creating individual items and the idea that if something is worth building, it should be built right, he has steadily applied these ideals to each of our creations. 
We celebrate 10 years of business in 2018! We are so excited to bring you new creations and designs. We are expanding each and every day. 
So far, thousands of necklaces and earrings have been built and sold all over the United States and even a few have gone global. We have been featured in Alaska Airline magazine, sponsored events, and been able to share what God has done in our life. I continue to do Hunting Seminars for young girls and donate to Animal Rescue every year.  Panhandle Red business has allowed us to be a part of so many wonderful things, and we look forward to more. During this process, we have been able to bless and be blessed by so many who come to the vending booth to share a story, shop, or just say hi all because of a pair of earrings, a wallet, or holster. 
My jewelry style is a blend of places that changed my life, my inspiration from the outdoors, and my curiosity of western history. I want my customers to love it! Whether I think about my upbringing in Eastern Washington or time living in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and now Idaho, I feel all of that comes out in my designs. I always say, "I am where Texas meets Idaho." My designs definitely have a western flair or rustic feel, yet maintain a significant level of elegance. You can wear the jewelry everywhere! 
The excitement of creating and designing starts in my mind, and I love bringing it into fruition, it really drives me. My goal is to create and learn as much as I can. Whether rain, snow, sun, or wind I will keep setting the booth up to bring you my latest creations. I will strive to learn new skills and keep you coming back for more. My customers are the best people in the whole world.
I want to thank everyone who has helped me, and allowed me to create for you. My mission is to create durable goods and pieces you cherish. Handcrafting is becoming a lost art in a world of instant gratification and overseas factory production. Thank you for buying from us and "Made in Idaho,USA. I have met so many talented Artisans that buying handmade should be your only choice!
Never give up in this life, at the base of everything we do, we found God's wisdom was key, and when we put him over our business, we began to flourish. Bless you and we love you.
Keep an eye on us through Facebook and Instagram @panhandle_red for scheduled events. Sign up through the Newsletter online for private invite to Exclusive Panhandle Red Shopping on our Idaho property.
I hope you enjoy our creations and keep coming back to see us! Get the bug of giving, find out how you can make a difference, and we hope to see you soon!