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This Designer Ditched Cushy Job to Pursue Peace and Simplicity

      It seems like growing up in the 70's and 80's, life was simpler and that became a part of me. I like time to cook, the smell of dinner simmering, a table set, a clean house, a lawn mowed, and time to see God's beautiful things. I had discovered in my previous career, I was losing myself and what was important; God and HEALTH!

I grew up in a very stable environment with two parents who encouraged me to pursue a stable education, and to live a traditional life. I pursued college, a teaching career, and a career in law enforcement. I liked the stability of a paycheck, but both arenas had challenges and in a way I felt it was compromising my values and my talent. I began to read a lot, stories on stressed out CEO'S, lawyers, nurses, teachers, police officers, advertising agents, etc. Not good stress either, the stress that kills you. I was surrounded by nurses who at first wanted to be nurses, not to see the same drug addict every night overdose in the ER, the job had changed and created a whole new world of constant oppression. 

My background is in Health Education and it was always my priority to maintain a level of well being. If health and happiness are so important, why then do we push careers that come with more stress, no time for exercise, compromise our diet, steal our joy, and make us go with a flow that just is not flowing. This hovering darkness surpresses all joy, energy, and leadership. 

I know first hand how hard life can be as I have already survived what most fear the most, as I moved forward I had already been cut free from fear from the worst things that can happen, because they happened to me. I had a dream one night, that I believe was divine, it was very clear. I was holding a dock on a raging lake and God said to me "let go." It was like I was the one taking care of everybody at shore but God was telling me it is your turn to set sail, its all you now. 20 years ago I would never have done anything like Panhandle Red. I had too many responsibilities and it would have been selfish in my mind, always putting others first, even shoving aside having my own family to care for others. The wiser older Krista knew what God was talking about because I knew I had it in me a long, long time ago. I just wanted to be brave enough to obey God, because I heard him loud and clear.  

I had observed those that worked with their hands, ran their own businesses, or even just chose a simpler life and in return, to regain the quality. I watched those that studied the Bible together, chose an older car, ate from the garden, picked a song on the porch, gathered around the piano, or even cashed in the house for a RV. They seemed full of life, had time to be revived, full of peace because they had time to hit the reset. This time that they stole back was essential.

I decided even though some of my peers would discount making beautiful useful things as not a viable career, I could put a mark on it and give it a voice. That voice could do all the good things. It could teach, it could encourage, and mostly it could have a purpose that would bring others joy and me too. It could do what most of us are called to do. It untied my heart from going to a job that the world says you should do even though it compromises your values or health.  I think God tugs at all of us and is always saying "you can do anything, I'm with you." Some will stay full of fear and reasoning while others will shove it aside and take the leap of faith. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. When God is with, you will succeed in whatever you choose but that choice needs to line up with God's values, so he can make it happen for you. Would you be willing to give up your job, family, or house to follow God? Ditching the cushy job was the best decision of my life, God cut out the people who were negative and small minded, and brought in a mountain of encouragement to me, he literally got into the pasture and cut the herd. The path was laid out so clear, and each and every day he gives me another assignment and I just keep practicing obeying. This was a healthy choice. You only get one body and one chance at the right gate.