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Another Rescue For Panhandle Red Company

Meet Winston Jack, the newest rescue for Panhandle Red Company. Seems like yesterday when I was working downtown Spokane and saw all the despair whether in eyes of child or in an animal. I came home and said to Justin," I just have to do something to change this." I always had artistic ability just never used it to my full potential as a lot of folks do. We go to college, work 25 years, and then realize maybe we should use our gifts from above. I began to make necklaces and sell them, so I could sponsor a child, feed a dog or a horse. My heart was never to make jewelry, my heart was to save lives. Now 11 years later, Panhandle Red Company has fed and saved over hundreds of dog, cats, and horses. Winston is very happy now, he is a funny little guy. 

Not only have we been able to do Animal Rescue, but we also have been able to help Small Dance Academies, High School Booster Clubs, Little League, and many donations to Non-Profit Organizations to help children. This is what makes me whole!

Thank You Customers!