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Western Style and American Made

What is more American than a American Cowboy or Cowgirl? Why are they wearing "Made in China." Mostly because only 2% of clothing is Made in America. Ouch! So lets start chipping away at our outfits until we are fully MADE IN THE USA. Panhandle Red Jewelry is Made in Idaho, USA. There are some fine boot, belts, and custom...

The Panhandle Red Vibe

 Something special is going on in the Panhandle Red Booth. As I enter the booth, I am amazed at all the creations. Surrounded by barn wood and galvanized metal, bright turquoise doors for the tables, stunning large mirror, handcrafted pine necklace stands, chandelier hanging over the concrete counter and the spirit of the booth is powerful! Ladies are chatting, touching...

More Than Just a Purse

 Have your tried this purse? Most Functional and Easy to Use! 100% Handcrafted by Panhandle Red in Post Falls, Idaho. The Medium Totes are more than just a purse. Designed by Panhandle Red to be the most functional purse you own. The strap is measured perfectly to rest on any shoulder at the perfect rest. You can easily walk fast,...

Leather Tote Bags By Panhandle Red

100 % Handmade in the Panhandle Red Workshop, Idaho, USA. Panhandle Red's Leather Tote Bags are handmade with Top Grade cowhides, oiled and conditioned, for the best flexible carrying tote bag. These tote bags come in two sizes, medium and large in the online shop. You can request a custom pocket for the inside or outside of the bag. The...

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Kootenai County Farmer's May-October 2018

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