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Why Leather is the #1 Choice Holster- BUY AMERICAN

Leather Holsters are incredible when it comes to durability and comfort. For years as a female with a short waist I could not find a holster comfortable enough for inside the waist band carry. Nothing seemed to work with nice women's clothing or outfits. Many women do not wear a belt, nor is today's women fashion designed around concealed carry.  As a female who worked with law enforcement, I was quite concerned about concealed carry purses and disagreed with the whole concept of carrying a firearm in my purse.

One morning I was setting up my booth at Farmer's Market and met a retired secret service professional. I began brain storming and sharing my concerns as well as my discoveries of what worked for me. Together, we collaborated for hours about what would be the criteria for a great practical inside the waist band holster. Something great for both women and men. Something married couples could share. The concept of sharing with my husband seemed ideal for me. When I am with him, he is usually carrying but there are places where he cannot be with me, such as restrooms, a day hike with the girls berry picking, or walking the dog. These are situations where I choose to carry protection, especially in the mountains of Idaho.

We came up with a concept of using the best quality leather for the ultimate comfort against the body, a clip which allows both husbands and wives to share, a clip great for women who do not always have a belt on but ideal with a belt, a clip allows so much versatility for each situation. This was the first time something felt comfortable, it was the safest way to conceal, which is on the body. It was not plastic, it was not nylon from China, it was not cold.  A custom holster from leather allowed for the ultimate fit to exact specification, no more trying to make something work that was not a good fit. The leather warmed up next to my body, it was finally comfortable. I could move and be active. It simply began meeting my professional criteria, making it #1. Strong enough to protect your gun for decades and yet still soft enough to stick down your pants with a smile. Laugh now, but at the end of the day, this is something you can stand by.

Lastly, it is MADE IN IDAHO, USA. Buying American should be the only option. Helping our American Economy has become top priority. It is a simple step in protecting our future. Join me for one my brief seminars on my holster designs. See Calendar on