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Turquoise at Panhandle Red Silo Shop in Post Falls, Idaho

2021 was a Turquoise Year! At Panhandle Red we featured many rings, necklace, and bracelets all made from a 50 year old collection my husband received from his grandmother Ruth Moody.  Justin's grandparents collected and sold western treasures for nearly 60 years. His father, grandfather, uncles, and great uncles all rode bareback and saddle bronc. His grandmother had collected turquoise and loved southwest jewelry.  The Show American Pickers arrived at his grandparents residence in Grangeville, Idaho to feature the collection in 2012 and the high ticket item was a set of spurs. 

After receiving the Turquoise in 2017, it took Justin and I two years or more to restore it. This drove us to both learn how to silversmith and do the turquoise justice. It is all American #8 Turquoise and it doesn't get any better with authenticity and value. All the stones are one of kind, and most jewelers spend their whole career looking for the old stuff like this.

We are looking forward to making more pieces for 2022. Customers come from various states to order their custom piece of jewelry. We let them pick their own stones and together we engage customers to design with us. With technology these days, folks can easily see in pictures what stones they like and also order jewelry via pictures. 

Call the Shop 208-755-7503 to order your Next Ring, Bracelet, or Necklace