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Lead and Be Dynamic

Krista Panerio owner and creator of Panhandle Red stands out as a dynamic leader.

“I don’t see being a good leader as having anything to do with gender,” she notes. I have worked many years in male dominated fields and worked my way up based on good leadership. Being a good leader and business owner means transparency, decisiveness, collaboration, being direct, being supportive, having the ability to identify talents and surrounding yourself with people that have skill sets and strengths that you don’t.”

Being direct is one of the best pieces of advice she ever received, and it happened to come from her Mother. “ I think my Mother in this day in age would have been a good business owner, she had the basic core principles of how to deal with people.”  “Women sometimes get a bad rap if they’re direct, she says, but it’s important to do it with empathy, to be relatable and to share your own experiences. People like to know where they stand.” “The sooner the answer is there, the better the deal.”

Krista is not only the Designer and Maker of Panhandle Red but she Designed and fills the role as General Contractor. “My construction experience comes from my husband Justin Moody, but I have taking it a step further by playing architect and use of materials. It was automatic for me and I enjoy it so much. I love designing and drawing homes she said,” in fact she taught Interior Design way back when.

Panerio designs jewelry and leather goods for working class women interested in high quality and functional comfort. “ A lot of women are getting smarter about their purchases, and want accessories that work and not over priced. Women are looking for ways to be fashionable and comfortable. They wear many hats and therefore accessories must be versatile.”

Panhandle Red products are Made in Idaho, USA with high quality materials and designed  with working women in mind. “If I can create items to make women feel strong yet feminine and have the function of a tennis shoe, naturally women will fall in love with it.”

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