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The Panhandle Red Vibe

 Something special is going on in the Panhandle Red Booth.

As I enter the booth, I am amazed at all the creations. Surrounded by barn wood and galvanized metal, bright turquoise doors for the tables, stunning large mirror, handcrafted pine necklace stands, chandelier hanging over the concrete counter and the spirit of the booth is powerful!

Ladies are chatting, touching the merchandise, and trying on jewelry one by one. Everyone is greeted and encouraged to step inside. As I observe Krista, owner and creator of Panhandle Red, her smile and bold compassion for others is hard to miss. Every person that steps inside leaves better off. Her kindness extends far beyond customer service. 

Each piece of Jewelry is handcrafted by Panhandle Red. You would think she has been doing this all her life, but that just isn't the case. "Self taught and still learning" she says. "Learning is important, keeps you going." She is still hand cutting leather, and hand lacing every bracelet with husband Justin helping. Justin and Krista are multi-talented and have now named their duo "Justa" as the person responsible for making this hobby into a full time business. She places every bead on wire, and has now sold thousands of pieces around the world. Resorts, Casinos, Boutiques, Alaska Airline Magazine, and even Handcrafted America TV show have contacted Panhandle Red. 

Her latest Tote Bag Designs are selling at a rapid rate. Hand selecting every leather hide to ensure her customers get the best quality but not only that, each tote is well planned out. I sat down to talk with her and here are some of the highlights. The Brazilian Hide she chooses is for durability, but also weight, she doesn't want to design anything too heavy. The English Bridle Strap is perfectly measured so you can mount the tote to your shoulder with one hand and also the quality of strap will last for decades. The size of the medium tote bag was selected by Panhandle Red to function as a purse or tote, which meant it needed to fit an I-Pad, small thermos, or legal size letter. The difference between a man designing the perfect Tote Bag and Panhandle Red is night and day. She thinks of everything. Customers are noticing the functionality, lightweight, and high quality and durability in everything she designs. Hope this helps you in your shopping experience in the Online Store.





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