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Meet the Owner, Designer, and Maker

Born in a small Eastern Washington town, raised on hard work and sacrifice. Her parents who were school teachers raised Krista to be tough, smart, and to help others. Krista has helped others all her life, from taking care of her parents, teaching children, or volunteering. Krista herself has a Degree in Education and taught many years before owning and creating Panhandle Red Company in 2008. Krista lost her Mother in her 20's and Father in her 30's. She also lost her brother as a child of 10 years of age. She is no stranger to being a overcomer and beating the odds. She works sun up to sun down each day, she can accomplish more in a day than most can do in a month. She is the most versatile woman you will ever meet, in one day you can see her on a tractor, helping a neighbor, and then go back into the shop to make jewelry. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  She grew up with a strong work ethic, having to help her father load wood or her mother with setting up her classroom. She is multi-talented and a quick decision maker. Customers are lining up at the Panhandle Red Booth to get that unique piece of jewelry or custom leather bag. Krista has developed a powerful confidence in her faith, and has a lot to offer her customers.  She is always smiling and cheerful. Many stop by just to hear her teach and comfort them. As a spectator, there is something very divine happening, this is no ordinary company, she is building something spectacular! The vision, design, and quality are over the top. Her leather bags are built with the best materials and all sourced in the USA.  She has also expanded into carrying a Men's Collection of Wallets, Belts, Shaving Kits and Leather Bracelets. Krista loves people and the people love Krista. Her sense of humor and tender heart are at the root of everything she makes. She has a heart of gold. Visit the Panhandle Red Booth, see schedule on facebook or at top of website.

The Panhandle Red Silos will be opening soon in Post Falls, ID. Be sure to Visit this Designer and Maker!