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Panhandle Red Headquarters

The Historic Bodine Farm

Panhandle Red Headquarters

Nestled on the Rathdrum prairie near Post Falls Idaho lies the Panhandle Red Headquarters private farm. North Idaho is a destination for many to see its beautiful mountain landscapes and retreat to the nearby lakes and rivers. The Panhandle Red Silo and buildings were designed by Krista Moody and together Justin and Krista built them.

The first phase of construction Justin and Krista had to remove old machine barn and chicken coop, but saved as much of the old lumber that would be usable to preserve the original homestead of the historical Bodine farm. They used a crane to swing grain silo and set on new concreate to create the showroom. The enterance to the Silo is timber gramed from local circle sawn Douglas fir timbers. The quaint entry ties both the beauty of the mountains of North Idaho combined with farm living.  

In the beginning...  


Panhandle Red Headquarters Idaho Panhandle Red Headquarters IdahoPanhandle Red Headquarters Idaho Panhandle Red Headquarters Idaho Panhandle Red Headquarters Idaho Panhandle Red Headquarters Idaho


And now... 

Panhandle Red Panhandle Red Headquarters Idaho