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Panhandle Red Story

About Us:

Panhandle Red Leather and Jewelry Company was established in 2008.

I have always been creative and consider my design hobby and keen eye a gift from God. Life throws us many trials, and we must stay on the high road and motor through to victory. When times were tough I found myself praying and cleaning the house, painting a wall, or reorganizing my closet, not letting the trial reorganize my mind and heart. It was my outlet. My gift is to create and to encourage others to never give up. I want others to be blessed by a special design and gift made by hand. I hope these treasures will also be passed on.

My jewelry style is really a blend of places that changed my life and my passion for the outdoors. My best experiences were at the lake, the cabin, breathing clean air, and taking it all in. This is where I get my inspiration, and I love a western touch to just about anything. Whether I think about my rural upbringing in Eastern Washington or time living in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and now Idaho, I feel all of that comes out in my designs. I always say, “I am where Texas meets Idaho.” I love the blended style. My designs definitely have a western flair or rustic feel, yet maintain a significant level of elegance. You can wear the jewelry everywhere! The jewelry is designed to be worn from casual to formal so you can get the most out of it! I pray over every piece of jewelry that whoever's the hands it may fall into, that they be filled with joy, peace, and then pass it along. Enjoy!