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Panhandle Red Leather Company-FAQ

G E N E R A L      

  • Do you do custom orders? Yes we can lengthen or shorten necklaces. Make different sizes for bracelets. Add a Monogram to a shaving kit or holster.  Build a Custom Holster. Add a cross body strap, add a zipper, or snap to a tote. Small changes are great. Any changes or complete new design that would disrupt the flow of production of our consistent designs, we would politely decline. 
  • Can we visit the workshop? Yes of course, call first 208-755-7503
  • When will my order arrive? All items are handmade and made to order. We like to give ourselves 8 days but it most cases orders will arrive earlier.
  • Can I get free shipping?  I am sure you know, most online stores are mass produced items that are made with low quality oversees labor, they can afford free shipping. We are a husband and wife team that purchase top grain leathers made in the USA. We hand cut each piece of leather to ensure you are getting a top of line leather product with elite craftsmanship.
  • Will you repair a necklace? We do not repair jewelry but if it is Panhandle Red Necklace and you broke it, and if we are not too busy, we may re-bead it. 
  • Do you accommodate Jewelry Allergies? In some cases we can change out sterling for surgical steel or change sterling to leather.
  • Can you add a clip on attachment for Earrings? Yes


  • Can I clean my tote? At the time of purchase you need to know if your tote or purse is oil- tanned or not. If it is well oiled, don't worry about using anything on it for awhile. Most leathers naturally condition and develop a sheen. After a year or so, if you want to use a leather conditioner or leather milk that is okay.
  • Full grain leathers and hides are almost perfect? Remember, leather is authentic, it will have natural character marks from the cow's life. These characteristics need to be embraced not marked as flaws.