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At Panhandle Red you will receive a good ol' Welcome Home!

Panhandle Red is our Home and we wouldn't have it any other way. I grew up in a loving home and learned through my travels nothing feels nicer than when folks welcome you. I have been blessed with learning the art of welcoming others. We all have had good and bad experiences.  The good has hugs, smiles, encouragement, warm fire places, the smell of dinner, the keys to the guest house or spare vehicle offered. Solid gold people never get old. The generosity of those that can build relationships, overlook faults, and welcome others in an informal and effortless manner is priceless.  We all gain a better personal experience when we aim to learn to be a part of something rather than tear it down. It really comes down to how you treat others. Not all individuals have that figured out, some wear destructive criticism, some wear shame and guilt, some try envy or jealously out but in the end, it is the GOOD that will win. Good ol' fashion Western hospitality and approaching others with a family like mentality.  This is what makes a place special and this is what makes Panhandle Red Leather Company special. When you step inside, you can feel the warmth, love, and goodness. The shopping experience is just that, an experience. I visited a dude ranch in Arizona a year back, and from the moment I grabbed a cookie out of the cookie jar, I just felt home. A lady came out of the kitchen and asked me, if she could make me something to eat, I had worked all day and just needed a "Mama" you know what I mean. I said, "yes I would really love that." I really meant it too, and she knew and I knew how much I needed that. That's what it's all about, true kindness and living intentionally in the truth completes the heart. May we all become hubs of Good Ol" Fashion Western Hospitality.  People will never forget the experience of generosity.