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Smart Consumers Focus on Design, Quality Materials, and Craft.

Great ingredients count, but how you put them together is craft.

If you're in the mood for a fresh quality dinner and you have a farm-to-table restaurant in your city like we do in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, or you yourself can prepare delicious options, it might be one of your favorite options! What is the criteria of something that moves it into your FAVORITE?

I know in fashion and in bags, I want something to feel good, last through the wear and tear, hold my essentials, handle the weather, be simple and easy. A man who owns tools, knows, it has to be tough and work!

Now, let's transfer that philosophy as we look at Panhandle Red Leather Goods. Let's think options for a minute, options and design can bring optimal functionality. Quality allows for a structure to never be compromised. No matter what you are shopping for, excellent products require excellent ingredients. Don't stop there. Just because you have excellent ingredients doesn't mean you can put them together. that's where craftsmanship comes in. Putting all the elements of a great design together along with quality materials, using quality craftsmanship is where the best final products come from.

Quality is the material, how it's made is the craft, and the design can speak to your lifestyle. It has to work and produce a result. There are many pretty things out there for sale, but do they work? I can tell you a Panhandle Red Purse works! All compartments have been measured for cell phone, keys, and essentials. The quality leather is hand-selected and only the top leather sides make the grade.  Every bag is still precisely hand-cut and truly crafted in a labor of love.

Lastly, the Design process starts with "How is it going to be used?" With that concept in mind, Panhandle Red Company takes into account some of these ideas: -How women carry purses, what do they carry, and where are they going with it?" With these questions in mind, the Finished Product surpasses any expectation. Customers who purchase a Panhandle Red bag are discovering those elements that were built into the design.  Quality is a must, any time you purchase an item, because it is being used daily, it needs to stand the test of time and wear. You must make the connection of what it means to you to have something that makes life easier.  To me, any essential item or tool has to do what it is intended to do, function, stand the test of time and look amazing while doing it!