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Panhandle Red in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Winter Fun is Here!

Winter is here in Idaho. We are layering up. I have learned to have a nice cashmere under layer on, this still allows me to stay warm but still have fashionable coats or jewelry on.

As I walk downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to grab some lunch with a girlfriend, I am stopped at least three times, "where did you get your purse? I reply, "I made it, it is my company brand Panhandle Red. You can shop online or at my Shop in Post Falls, Idaho." I hear back "you made it?" "Yes, 100% by Hand and all my unique proprietary designs." It is so much fun to watch the ladies light up and yes, they do follow up and come out. More and more, I see Panhandle Red Tote Bags and Purses out in the wild and it makes my heart glow. 

Winter is fun for texture, featured in the photo I am wearing a Custom Hat, 100% Beaver from Shorty's Caboy Hattery out of Oklahoma. My signature Jackson Necklace and Half City Half Cowgirl Purse. I have Old Gringo Boots and Jean Jacket on.

When you plan your next Winter Get Away to North Idaho, make sure you stop in at Panhandle Red Leather Company and Custom Jewelry in Post Falls, Idaho. Short drive to the Showroom for you to customize your Visit with options to Design with Panhandle Red, Pick your Own Turquoise Stone, or just kick back and sit by the fire.

The Handcrafted Gifts are all one of kinds.