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Behind the Logo

Panhandle Red was created by "Red" in 2008.

If you look closely at the logo there is an archery arrow "P" to represent the "Panhandle of Idaho," Red's love for the outdoors, and the obvious "R" for Redhead!

There is more to the logo than you think. It represents strong elegance and a deep desire to care for all things. Hand drawn on a piece of scratch paper sitting at her kitchen table, Red started this business. Her passion to teach others how to stay strong and fight the good fight of faith was about to unfold. Why not do it through beautiful jewelry?  

 She had made a few necklaces here and there for friends without even thinking, they were actually very functional and well built, not to mention beautiful. Each piece is designed to represent that individuality and unique strength. The designs are amazing, lightweight, and fun! The Ladies loved how they looked and felt, but also the great big dose of encouragement they got when the met Red.  She knew she wasn't a jeweler by trade after a career in Education and Enforcement, but it was time for her to teach and help a bigger audience. The Panhandle Red booth is more than a jewelry shop, you will be inspired!  Red is a example of strength and leader to women of all ages to stay true to yourself, never alter your ability to be elegant, and stay on the high road even when life throws you curve balls. Her compassion for people, and to help anyone or any living thing is over the top.