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From Panhandle Red Wine to Concrete Counters

Many of you might not know that we have done quite of few custom concrete counters throughout the region. Now contracted with some of the mainstream contractors in our area, we had to slow advertising down a notch. We are booked solid. So many folks still asking and looking into booking with us! Thank you, we are flattered. These counters are masterpieces of art. My husband "Justin" is the concrete magician in our area. He personalizes his mixes and is the best in the business. When we first launched Panhandle Red Company in 2008, we launched both jewelry and concrete designs because business was equally booming. We made sinks, bowls, fire pits, bathroom vanities, outdoor kitchens, some of the project were down right crazy. I soon became very interested in the creativity part of the coloring and at the time hadn't seen any concrete counters finished the way I would visualize in the kitchen or area of choice. I began being the master artist to all our counters and projects. I absorbed myself into training videos but took it a whole step further to really capture clean, crisp, counter tops. Concrete is so versatile, infinitely customizable and amazingly has a long life span. When researching your next DIY project look into the possibility of concrete.

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